Facilitation is a process in which a neutral third party, known as a facilitator, assists a group of individuals or your organization in effectively conducting meetings, discussions, workshops, or decision-making processes.

The OP X WEST facilitator's role is to guide and manage the process, ensuring that participants collaborate, communicate, and work together efficiently to achieve specific objectives or outcomes for your business.

At OP X WEST the following activities and responsibilities of a Facilitator include:


The facilitator remains impartial and does not take a position on the content or outcome of the discussion. Their focus is on the process and ensuring fair participation.

Process Management:

Planning and structuring the meeting or session, setting agendas, and defining objectives to help participants achieve their goals.

Communication Management:

Encouraging open and effective communication among participants, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard.

Conflict Resolution:

Addressing conflicts or disagreements that may arise during discussions and helping your group find resolutions or common ground.

Active Listening:

Listening attentively to participants to understand their perspectives, concerns, and ideas, and summarizing or paraphrasing to enhance clarity.

Encouraging Participation:

Engaging all participants and encouraging contributions from even the quieter or less outspoken members of the group.

Time Management:

Keeping the session on track by managing time effectively, adhering to schedules, and ensuring that discussions stay relevant to the objectives.

Decision-Making Support:

Assisting your  group in reaching decisions by facilitating discussions, providing information, and helping to build consensus when necessary.

Feedback and Reflection:

Encouraging participants to reflect on the discussion and providing feedback on the process to promote continuous improvement.


Tailoring facilitation techniques and approaches to meet the specific needs and objectives of your group and the type of session.

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